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The script for The Revolution's Promise is designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit your needs. It is designed to be performed as a reading by experienced actors or first-time performers (or a mixture of both!).

Below are steps to think about especially if you are new to planning events.

If organising an event is too large a commitment, why not read a monologue, at your school assembly, a meeting or at rehearsal >>


The script is roughly one hour in length. It is a mixture of monologues and scenes. It is currently in English, however, you are welcome to translate it.

Read a copy of the script here >>


Theatres are a great space to hold your event, but it could also be a lecture room, school, community space or church hall.


There are 15 parts in total, and we estimate you will need a minimum of 7 readers. If it is not possible to find readers who are Palestinian or have Palestinian heritage, we ask that the casting be inclusive and represent your community's diversity. Casting does not need to be gender-specific.


The script is designed to be presented as a reading or a performance. If your readers are experienced, and you aim to present a reading, we estimate that the rehearsal time could be as little as 3 hrs.


We have collated extensive resources to help you further understand the topic, artists featured, and the situation in Palestine.

All resources and PDFs are available here >> 


Once you have confirmed your date and venue, let us know how people can book tickets so we can help spread the word. We have a template press release, flyers, poster and social media posts that you are welcome to adapt here >> 


If practically possible, we suggest you accompany your reading with projections. We have a collection of slides that go with the text available for download here >>


If you are interested in having a local Palestinian artist or an activist speak after your event, let us know, and we can make suggestions. It is also possible for someone in Palestine to join via zoom. We ask you to consider paying the speaker a fee for their contribution.


Talk through what you are planning with us, or let us know how we can assist. Please use the email

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