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BDS is a vital non-violent grassroots Palestinian movement that plays an essential role in the Palestinian community. It is often misunderstood internationally and we ask that you take the time to read about the movement and familiarise yourself with its aims, principles and FAQs:



If you need to apply for funding to make your reading or performance happen we ask that you consider the ethics of where you apply and do not take funding from the Israeli government, embassies, or lobby groups in line with the cultural boycott.



In the Palestinian context, normalisation refers to Israeli and Palestinian collaborations that create the impression that both are equal in their power, rights and role in ‘the conflict’.  It hides Israel's ongoing crimes, oppression and occupation of Palestinians and ignores the three basic rights of Palestinians three basic rights; ending the occupation, ending the Apartheid, and the right of return for refugees. For further reading:



Our work and this project are embedded in the fight against anti-racism and for equality and justice. We ask that all collaborators take this mission seriously, by not only standing in solidarity with Palestinians but by making sure that everything possible is done to stand up to racism and discrimination in your working dynamics. Including but not limited to islamophobia, antisemitism, homophobia, sexism and white supremacy.



Access is a human right. We ask that you consider how your project can be assessable to deaf and disabled artists and audiences. Unlimited's Cards For Inclusion is a brilliant resource:

Values & Principles
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